CPA'S on a Non-Profit mission

At Frith-Smith & Archibald, LLP we understand the complexities of non-profit accounting and tax reporting. We can assist in facilitating the non-profit with their bookkeeping issues, budget preparation and board reporting. 

We are developing a Work Shop which non-profits can use to help answer their reporting questions in order to streamline their bookkeeping, budget and board reporting. 

Frith-Smith & Archibald, LLP also provides accounting and auditing for various programs and services, from schools, advocacy, environmental, self realization and children’s programs. We can make recommendations for internal control improvements to insure proper compliance for reporting.

Our non-profit tax service encompasses timely and correct filing of the Form 990 along with the requirements for the State of California. We can make recommendations for tax planning which can assist in producing more of a revenue stream.

E-mail us  to find out more about our Bookkeeping Workshops.

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